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Qld economy’s growth rate reduced by business CAPEX fall

Queensland had the second lowest rate of State Final Demand (SFD) growth in the first quarter of 2021, according to the March quarter National Accounts published by the ABS yesterday. Queensland’s SFD grew at 0.4% compared with a national average … Continue reading

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Qld economy was goosed up by gov’t spending in final quarter of 2018

Australia’s weak 0.2% GDP growth in December quarter has prompted talk of a “per capita recession”, as our economy has now been growing at a slower rate than the population for two consecutive quarters (see this SMH report). The national … Continue reading

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Qld economy continues to disappoint

Queensland’s economic under-performance, which I’ve been commenting on regularly (e.g. see Deloitte’s weird definition of “strong employment growth”), is a major part of the reason why Australia’s GDP growth for September quarter came in lower than expected yesterday. The ABS … Continue reading

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Has there been a “huge slump” in the Qld economy?

The Courier-Mail today is reporting a “huge slump” in the Queensland economy after yesterday’s ABS National Accounts figures revealed state final demand grew only 0.1 percent in the June quarter, the second lowest rate among states and territories. The paper … Continue reading

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Qld economy surviving, but not thriving

In his latest column, Stormy times for an economy in the doldrums, Ross Gittins refers to Queensland’s “below-par” growth in State Final Demand, one of the statistics released by the ABS last Wednesday as part of the March quarter National … Continue reading

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Good news for the economy as Qld businesses increase investment in machinery & equipment

Despite having some weak regional economies, particularly in the Townsville and Queensland outback regions, the State economy overall recorded reasonably healthy growth in State Final Demand in the June quarter of 0.7 percent in seasonally adjusted terms. This is very … Continue reading

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Qld consumers resilient at the end of the mining boom

At the end of the mining boom, as resources sector investment has plummeted, Queensland consumers are nonetheless resilient, and their growing consumption spending has partly offset the adverse impact of the fall in investment on aggregate demand (see chart above … Continue reading

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Qld economy enduring shock from end of mining boom as well as could be expected

The March quarter National Accounts data released yesterday surprised on the upside with quarterly growth at 0.9 per cent, but as some commentators have noted there remains a downside risk over the next 12-24 months from much lower capital expenditure … Continue reading

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Qld economy hit by declines in both private and public sector capital spending

It was unsurprising that the National Accounts data released by the ABS today showed the Australian economy continuing to grow at a sub-trend rate (2.5% through-the-year), and that Queensland was enduring a large shock from a decline in resources sector … Continue reading

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Qld waiting for LNG exports to boost economic growth, as internal demand falls away

The first exports of LNG from Curtis Island off Gladstone are expected to occur later this month, and they can’t come soon enough for the Queensland economy, with our current economic weakness confirmed by State Final Demand estimates in yesterday’s … Continue reading

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