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4% unemployment rate target looking much less achievable now

With Queensland’s unemployment rate at 6.7%, compared with 5.8% one year ago, debate has resumed over the Government’s pledge to reduce unemployment to 4% within two terms (see the Courier-Mail’s coverage). I’ve previously commented that, when the promise was made, … Continue reading

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Qld tourism continues to under-perform

Evidence continues to mount on the failure of Queensland’ tourism promotion policies, which I’ve commented on before (TEQ deserved funding cut – no turnaround in share of international visitors). New Tourism Research Australia data shows that, while domestic tourism (Australians … Continue reading

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High insurance costs likely to impede development of Northern Australia

Since Cyclone Yasi, insurance premiums have soared in North Queensland as insurance companies have reassessed the risks of insuring properties in the region. Just how much premiums have increased is illustrated by some figures provided to the Joint Select Committee … Continue reading

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Ipswich set for building boom

I wrote last year about how Ipswich will play an important role in the eventual recovery of the Queensland building industry. The outlook for the building industry in Ipswich now appears even better than it did then, with a huge … Continue reading

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Big increase in Govt infrastructure spending in election lead up

After a couple of years of spending cuts that have contributed to Queensland’s economic sluggishness, Queensland Government infrastructure spending appears to be on the rise in the lead up to the election (see chart below based on the June quarter … Continue reading

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$5 billion Bus and Train Tunnel has unimpressive benefit-cost ratio

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Bus and Train (BaT) Tunnel from Dutton Park to Spring Hill is out for comment, and I’m rather unimpressed by the benefit-cost ratio, estimated by Deloitte at 1.16. That is, benefits are estimated … Continue reading

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TransLink survey missing an option – reduce public transport subsidy

The TransLink survey on whether carbon tax savings of $30 million should be used to reduce fares or provide more services (see below) is missing an important option: keep fares and services the same, and reduce the massive subsidy to … Continue reading

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