Qld economy will easily hit Bligh’s 100,000 new jobs target

Given the massive amount of resources sector investment in the pipeline, I have no doubt the Queensland economy will rebound strongly and prove wrong pessimistic stories such as this one:

Anna Bligh’s target of 100,000 new jobs in jeopardy amid economic slowdown

Since March 2009, 78,000 new jobs have been created in Queensland, meaning an additional 22,000 need to be created over the next seven months. This shouldn’t be a problem. The Premier’s target was always pretty conservative and can still be met by employment growth that merely keeps up with expected population growth. And I wouldn’t be surprised if more than 22,000 jobs are created, given some of the good news out today:

Coal mines sign up to export more product through new Gladstone terminal

Data flags upside risk to Australia’s Q2 GDP with profits, wages and inventories surging

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