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Qld Govt recognises importance of coal to economy and budget

Reading the Courier-Mail story today about how the Government looks set to favour coal miners over farmers in Central Queensland,  I recalled a chart my friend and colleague Brad Rogers once showed me of the contributions made by different commodities … Continue reading

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Minimum wage reduces retail jobs available for young people

Walking around the newly renovated Indooroopilly Shoppingtown in Brisbane’s western suburbs recently, I was struck by how many high-end clothing and jewellery stores there now are in the centre. Partly this would be because high-end shops would be more likely … Continue reading

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Gold Coast light rail debacle should serve as a warning to other cities

The Gold Coast light rail project has had a number of significant failures, including major cost blowouts, major disruptions to local businesses during construction, and poor signage that will infuriate tourists who hop off at the Surfers Paradise station when … Continue reading

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North Qld struggling to recover – Cairns looking slightly better, but not Townsville yet

North and Far North Queensland have had lacklustre economies in the years since the financial crisis, with Cairns especially having suffered from the combined impact of the tourism downturn and an over-supply of properties due to a pre-financial crisis construction … Continue reading

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Tourism & Events Qld deserved funding cut – no turnaround in share of international visitors

I was pleased to see the Government cut funding to Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) in the State Budget earlier this week (Tourism and Events Queensland budget slashed by $4.9m), because I’ve always doubted the value of its promotion activities, … Continue reading

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Mabo’s legacy of lasting importance to Torres Strait

The Tuesday that has just passed, the 3rd of June, was Mabo day. To commemorate Mabo day, the Torres Strait Regional Authority has held its monthly Board meeting this week on Murray Island (known to traditional inhabitants as Mer Island), … Continue reading

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The economics of cheating – Australia’s new leisure class can afford time and resources for affairs

In an interesting Brisbane Times article last week (Mistresses, married women and early morning workouts), Katherine Feeney quoted her hairdresser on how common affairs are nowadays: “So many married men – so many wealthy, married men – have mistresses these … Continue reading

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