Health, fitness and software publishing are promising sectors for new Qld businesses

Over the year to June 2013, which saw a decline in total business numbers according to ABS Business Counts data, some Queensland industry sectors nonetheless saw growth in business numbers, particularly health, fitness and software publishing (see chart below based on data which have been available for a few weeks now, but which I just noticed yesterday).

businesscountsI’ve previously commented on how health is expected to be a major source of jobs in the future, and I expect this will be the case even taking into account likely further job losses at public hospitals as a result of recent efficiency reviews:

Qld’s economic future bright if we look beyond short-term

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2 Responses to Health, fitness and software publishing are promising sectors for new Qld businesses

  1. Katrina Drake says:

    Interesting? Does this indicate that the number of GP Medical Services Practices has doubled? Or perhaps this indicates individual GP’s and dentists are registering as a business/company to avoid the 49% individual income tax and perhaps establishing a SMSF at the same time. Follow the money to find rort I say.

    These figures require closer examination, given the bizarre conditions of access to unlimited ‘free’ tax-payer medical services, increasing taxpayer money flowing into state health budget, and 3 out of 5 adults with lifestyle obesity and sickness, the whole health system is out of control.

    • Gene Tunny says:

      Actually it’s just the change in the number of businesses by industry sub-sector, not a percentage growth, so not as impressive. But I found it interesting it’s only a small number of industry sub-sectors that experience growth in the number of businesses. Thanks for your comment.

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