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QCA finds multiple policy failures associated with billions in industry assistance in Qld

It appears that the QCA’s draft report on Industry Assistance in Queensland was released last Friday, a Friday before a long weekend, traditionally a good time to release reports that governments would rather be ignored and forgotten. But this report … Continue reading

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Government should wait for QCA Report before committing to new industry assistance

It’s unfortunate the Queensland Government has entered into a thirty year deal with the Tatts Group while the QCA review of industry assistance is underway, a review which might be informative on the relative costs and benefits of supporting the … Continue reading

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Top ten occupations in sport and recreation

The ABS released (or repackaged) some interesting 2011 Census data yesterday on employment in sport and recreation, showing the dominance of gyms and the significance of the heavily subsidised racing industry as an employer. John Quiggin wrote a great post … Continue reading

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