Qld’s falling share of international tourism in Australia

Mark Beath at Loose Change (Folks are dumb where I come from!) has noticed there is now a record low proportion of international visitors to Australia declaring the State they spent the most time in was Queensland (N.B. data only available since 1991). In recent years, Queensland has lost significant market share to Victoria (see chart below).


While international tourism to Queensland is recovering (International Tourism Snapshot), clearly it would be recovering more strongly if we could reverse the loss of market share. I’ve previously posted on how:

Qld should look to Victoria for tips on tourism promotion

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4 Responses to Qld’s falling share of international tourism in Australia

  1. Katrina Drake says:

    I don’t watch any commercial television – except when I am in the gym. I saw a great advertisement for Queensland Tourism ( or so I thought). Targetting families with children, beaches, fun parks, national parks , sky trains, rain forest, children having a great time with parents relaxing … what a great holiday I thought …… except it was for California.

    Your graph shows percentages only, interested to see total numbers of tourist, and if we are seeing the influx of new Asian middle classes you predict.

    I don’t necessarily agree that increasing total numbers of tourists is a good thing, having spent June/July battling long hot queues of tourists in the European summer.

    Far better to have fewer tourists, show them wonderful sights, and have them spend more time and money for the experience. Nothing better on earth than having Ellie Creek on Frazer Island to yourself, than sharing it with a bus load on other noisy tourists.

    Tourists have a much better time in small personalised groups, rather than by the bus load.

    • Gene Tunny says:

      Thanks for your comment, Katrina. I will post a graph of absolute numbers soon. Numbers are increasing in absolute terms from the post-financial crisis trough and there was certainly a big burst of Chinese tourism for a while before it stabilised.

  2. Katrina Drake says:

    Apparently the next “big thing” is horror tourism – in the style of Wolf Creek, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Razor back – give the tourist’s really big fright – apparently they enjoy that.

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