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Brisbane City Council’s 15 minutes free parking policy is economically dubious

Economists usually worry when something is provided free, because the price of $0 typically doesn’t reflect the cost of providing the good or service, and demand will increase to inefficient levels – i.e. levels where the value people place on … Continue reading

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BCC still needs to fix up paid parking in the Brisbane CBD

Last August I posted on how changes to paid parking  arrangements in Brisbane CBD have adversely affected CBD businesses, particularly in the southern part of the CBD – the part of the CBD which finds it tough enough already owing … Continue reading

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Paid parking affecting work and play in Brisbane CBD

I just noticed Katherine Feeney’s article from last week on the adverse impact the Council’s new paid parking policy is having on businesses in Brisbane CBD (Retailers keep up the fight against Brisbane’s paid parking charges). The extended paid parking … Continue reading

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