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Imperative to avoid bad policy measures like super increase which would set back recovery

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is right to consider delaying the legislated increase in the 9.5% superannuation guarantee rate, which is scheduled to start increasing by half a percentage point each year from 1 July 2021 until it gets to 12%. … Continue reading

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New COVID-19 chat with Joe Branigan of Tulipwood Economics

I’ve recorded another interview on the latest COVID-19 rescue package from the federal government, this time with my good friend and former Treasury colleague Joe Branigan, Director of Tulipwood Economics. Joe provides important context for the massive rescue package. He … Continue reading

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Makin and Pearce confirm urgency of Budget repair in Conference of Economists paper

At the Australian Conference of Economists in Adelaide this week, Griffith University Economics Professor Tony Makin and ESA Qld Vice President Julian Pearce will present a very interesting paper titled Fiscal Consolidation and Australia’s Optimal Public Debt. Tony and Julian … Continue reading

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My comments on super repatriation in today’s Courier-Mail

Page 17 of today’s Courier-Mail I am obviously concerned about the possible risks associated with the State Government’s planned withdrawal of funds set aside to meet defined benefit superannuation liabilities, and I am quoted to this effect in today’s Courier-Mail, … Continue reading

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Post-Budget lunch featuring Michael Knox, Morgans’ Chief Economist

Queensland has already received some good news regarding the upcoming 2016-17 Federal Budget, with the announcement two weeks’ ago that our share of GST revenue will be over $500 million higher in 2016-17 than we previously expected (see my post … Continue reading

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QIC takeover of GOCs is a very bad idea

As suggested in the Courier-Mail this morning, it is possible the Queensland Government will try to appear it is meeting its fiscal strategy and paying down debt through some creative accounting, involving government-owned corporations (GOCs) (e.g. Energex, Stanwell, Gladstone and … Continue reading

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Everybody’s talking about tax

With the Commonwealth Government currently undertaking a major tax review, it is timely that there are two events on tax reform being held in Brisbane next month, both supported by the Economic Society of Australia (QLD), of which I’m the … Continue reading

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Intergenerational Report shows the problem, but offers no solutions

The Intergenerational Report is a useful document in that it reinforces the need for tough fiscal measures to avoid ever-increasing budget deficits and debt – a need that has been apparent for some time – but alas the IGR offers … Continue reading

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Grattan report shows need for permanent budget measures, not temporary debt levy

The highly regarded think tank the Grattan Institute yesterday released the 2014 update of its excellent Budget pressures on Australian Governments report. The report makes it clear that Governments need to take permanent measures to repair budgets, not short-term fixes … Continue reading

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