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Reforming solar cross-subsidy is good policy, but unclear why $3.4 billion should be locked up in Cost of Living Fund

The Government’s apparent plan to end the cross-subsidy from households without solar cells to those with solar cells, and to fund the feed-in tariff through an explicit subsidy, is a sound one (see Brisbane Times coverage Power bills to come … Continue reading

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Strong Choices plan mostly good policy, but light on detail of budget impacts

The final Strong Choices plan has arrived, and, as I commented yesterday, I’m mostly supportive of it. However, I would rather more of the lease proceeds be used for debt reduction rather than being allocated to infrastructure funds that could … Continue reading

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Productivity and Privatisation – panel discussion at Griffith University, Southbank

I was delighted to speak alongside productivity expert Dean Parham at a Griffith University panel discussion earlier tonight on productivity and privatisation. Thanks to Alex Robson of Griffith for organising the excellent, well-attended event. My prepared remarks are below. I … Continue reading

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Unclear whether Qld Govt will have evidence needed to win asset sales debate

The Queensland Government is right to have begun advertising for advisers on asset sales, to ensure that assets such as CS Energy and Stanwell are sold in a timely fashion after the next election (Government advertises for asset sales advisors). The … Continue reading

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Wise words from the PC on capital/asset recycling

I’ve been a strong supporter of the Queensland Government’s privatisation agenda, but have been unimpressed by the Strong Choices campaign promoting the agenda, which is uninformative and based on questionable logic. In its just-released Public Infrastructure Inquiry Report, the Productivity … Continue reading

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Government should just sell Energex, Ergon & Powerlink

The Government’s interesting proposition for private sector participation in Energex, Ergon and Powerlink, which raises the bulk of the $30-35 billion under the Strong Choices plan, should be attractive to investors because the businesses have reasonably reliable revenue streams they … Continue reading

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Overall a good Budget, but earmarking sales proceeds for infrastructure funds undesirable

The Queensland Budget released yesterday is a sound plan to reduce Queensland’s large State debt and to set us on a path to eventually reclaiming our AAA credit rating. My old friend and former Treasury colleague Joe Branigan has a … Continue reading

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