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How the Qld economy performed over 2015

In 2015, the Queensland economy proved itself resilient to the end of the mining boom, and recovered from the apparent downturn, a so-called technical recession, at the end of 2014. Even though the economy is proving resilient, growth is at … Continue reading

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Qld employment growth is great news, but it is still not strong from historical perspective

Wisely, Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt did not get too excited over yesterday’s employment numbers, which were surprisingly strong at a national level, with the Treasurer noting, regarding the State unemployment rate, “While it’s welcome news that the seasonally adjusted unemployment … Continue reading

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Great RBA speech highlighting new labour market flexibility and links with NZ labour market

The Queensland Branch of the Economic Society of Australia, of which I’m the Secretary, was delighted yesterday to host a speech by the Assistant Governor (Economic) of the Reserve Bank of Australia Christopher Kent on Adjustments in the Labour Market. … Continue reading

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Qld Govt benefits from volatile jobs data – still vulnerable over bulk of jobs growth being part-time over first term

The volatile labour force data yielded a nice surprise for the Queensland Government today, with the seasonally adjusted rate falling from 6.8% to 6.1% between November and December last year, and the trend rate falling marginally, too, though staying the … Continue reading

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Teenagers have had tough time in labour market since financial crisis

A creative reader and former colleague of mine, who goes by the nickname Toad, today sent me an interesting chart, presented below, that he has prepared on teenage labour force data for Queensland (you may need to open it in another … Continue reading

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Qld unemployment rate falls slightly to 6.1% – rising participation a good sign

The March labour force data released today by the ABS, showing the unemployment rate falling to 5.8% from 6.1% in February, were good news for the Australian economy, as reflected in the dollar surging and one prominent commentator forecasting an … Continue reading

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CairnsWatch remains optimistic despite very weak Cairns labour market

Rick Carr of Herron Todd White Cairns has released the March edition of his excellent CairnsWatch report, and it contains this disturbing chart of employment in the Cairns region, which suggest a very weak economy: Let’s hope employment in Cairns … Continue reading

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Qld jobs market remains sluggish – unlikely trend unemployment rate fell last month

Today’s labour force data from the ABS confirmed that the jobs market remains sluggish, with Queensland’s unemployment rate at 5.9 per cent in seasonally adjusted terms. Unfortunately, the ABS data aren’t very precise for Queensland and it’s hard to have … Continue reading

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Gold Coast outlook continues to improve

After a period of weakness following the financial crisis, during which many Gold Coast tradies had to drive up the M1 every day to jobs in Brisbane and Ipswich (see my 2011 post Tradies know what it means to live in … Continue reading

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Low level of vacancies suggests sluggish labour market to continue in short-term

There doesn’t appear to be any recovery in Queensland’s jobs market coming in the next few months with job vacancies remaining at relatively low levels (see the chart below based on today’s new ABS job vacancies data). Given the relatively … Continue reading

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