Qld hospitality sector has had stronger recovery than NSW and Victorian sectors

Earlier this month, Queensland Airports boss Amelia Evans was reported by the Courier-Mail as saying that travel was bouncing back strongly. Queensland Airports operates the Gold Coast, Townsville, Mount Isa, and Longreach airports, so Ms Evans would have a good idea of what’s happening with travel in Queensland. Certainly the data support Ms Evans’s understanding. When reviewing the March Quarter National Accounts released by the ABS a few weeks ago, I was struck by how consumption spending on hotels, cafes, and restaurants had fully recovered to pre-COVID levels in Queensland, while it was still substantially below those levels in NSW and Victoria, and, as a result, nationally (see chart below). Incredibly, there is more activity occurring in Queensland’s hospitality sector than in Victoria’s, even though Victoria has 6.6 million people compared with our 5.2 million. 

I suspect what has happened is that Queensland has benefited from southerners having travelled here instead of going on an overseas holiday, and this has largely made up for a lack of international tourists coming to Queensland. NSW and Victoria may need to wait for international tourism to return to pre-pandemic levels for their hospitality sectors to fully recover. 

Of course, the aggregate data don’t tell us what’s happening with individual businesses, and there are many Queensland businesses that were very badly affected by the loss of international tourism, and which really need it to return, including Townsville’s Billabong Sanctuary, for example. In mid-February, ABC News reported Queensland tourism operators predict slow recovery as international border reopens. It may seem like slow going, but thankfully international visitors are starting to return and the upward trajectory is encouraging, as this chart downloaded from the ABS website shows.

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2 Responses to Qld hospitality sector has had stronger recovery than NSW and Victorian sectors

  1. Russell says:

    Hi Gene, The impression I have is that QLD especially tourist areas are doing better than ok and reflected in the boom in house prices is the result of southerners moving here and that it was probably largely sustainable against the current down turn in Sydney and Melbourne which dominates the stats. However, whilst the last 18 months have seen my modest suburb of Carina increase house (land) prices by say 50% where even land value was $1m+ and the house largely unimportant, an auction in my street on Saturday saw absolutely no buyers. Just half a dozen locals who wandered in for a sticky. What would be your take? Interest rates, stock market jitters or has reality finally hit home that all is not well with the economy?

    • Gene Tunny says:

      Thanks Russell. We know consumer confidence has plummeted after the RBA rate hikes. That could be a reflection of that or it could just be that the seller was unlucky. I’ll look out regarding what’s being reported about auction results.

      On Mon, Jun 20, 2022 at 12:34 PM Queensland Economy Watch < comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote:


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