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Value capture can be desirable, but won’t make bad projects stack up

There was an odd statement about value capture on the front page of Monday’s Australian, in the story about the PM’s grand plan for high speed rail. The statement was that value capture, by which a private consortium would get … Continue reading

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Huge disparities in GST carve up per capita: NT gets $13k per person, WA gets $760

Commenting on my post from earlier today, a colleague noted that, in per capita terms (rather than in terms of total amounts), three States and Territories, the Northern Territory, Tasmania and South Australia, do much better than Queensland in the … Continue reading

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Qld second biggest winner from GST redistribution

Queensland is the second biggest winner from the carve up of GST revenue that is dictated by the Commonwealth Grants Commission. In 2016-17, Queensland is to receive $2.1 billion more than we would if the GST revenue, which is collected … Continue reading

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Extra GST revenue welcome, but Qld still faces big fiscal challenges

The Queensland Government must be pleased the Commonwealth Grants Commission (CGC) has recommended it receive an additional $520 million above what it might have expected from the GST revenue carve up for 2016-17 (see 2016 Update Report). The gain to … Continue reading

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On Cross River Rail, Government appears confused over meaning of “business case”

In today’s media release on the Brisbane Cross River Rail project, The Queensland Government appears confused about the meaning of the term “business case.” It risks committing the same error that governments (present and past) across Australia have committed when … Continue reading

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Qld small businesses not as optimistic as those in NSW and Victoria

Queensland’s lacklustre economy is reflected in our small and medium businesses remaining less optimistic than those nationwide, particularly in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT, according to the latest Sensis survey of small and medium businesses, those businesses with fewer … Continue reading

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Economists and their models

Across Brisbane at the moment there is a huge amount of residential construction activity, particularly of apartment towers. Our understanding of supply and demand suggests this will suppress the growth of unit prices in the near future, or in the … Continue reading

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