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Value Capture: Making Sense of Policy Options – guest post by Brad Rogers

I am delighted to publish this guest post from Brad Rogers, Director of DeltaPearl Partners, on value capture, the topic of a conference his firm will run in Canberra in July. Views expressed are Brad’s and should not necessarily be … Continue reading

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St Lucia property owners capturing value from Ironside State School

A story in the Courier-Mail this morning regarding Ironside State School in St Lucia, Brisbane reinforces Independent Schools Queensland head David Robertson’s argument for reforming school funding arrangements (see QEW post), as it appears parents are very willing to pay … Continue reading

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Value capture can be desirable, but won’t make bad projects stack up

There was an odd statement about value capture on the front page of Monday’s Australian, in the story about the PM’s grand plan for high speed rail. The statement was that value capture, by which a private consortium would get … Continue reading

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