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Property law review should be picked up by new Qld Government – pets & smoking are contentious issues

It appears that just before the recent election campaign the previous Queensland Government launched a review of property law with a focus on body corporate matters, including the regulation of pets and smoking in apartment buildings. I trust that the … Continue reading

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Don’t panic about unemployment just yet – still below long-run average

I’ve noticed the Courier-Mail is reporting the incoming Government has “been handed a massive headache with new figures showing unemployment rising and Queenslanders dropping out of the job market.” However, yesterday’s figures simply confirmed the labour market has been lacklustre … Continue reading

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Low employment growth over the term of the outgoing Qld Government

As an economist, I’m naturally a big believer in the importance of economic factors in society. And I thought one (though not the only) reason for the big swing against the Newman Government was Queensland’s lacklustre economy, which was largely … Continue reading

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No tears for BaT tunnel – it most likely didn’t stack up

Whichever party forms government in Queensland, the Bus and Train (BaT) tunnel project is no more, as reported by the Brisbane Times (BaT tunnel plans scrapped). I was always skeptical about the economic case for the project, and was very … Continue reading

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Has Queensland kicked the can down the road? – guest post from Keiran Travers

The still undecided Queensland election has given many of us reason to think about the future of our State, and I’m delighted to publish a guest post from Keiran Travers, a Brisbane-based infrastructure expert, who wonders whether Queensland has kicked … Continue reading

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What are investors to make of depression economics?

After the RBA Board cut the cash rate target to 2.25% last Tuesday I mentioned to a friend that the best guide to the world economy since 2008 has been Paul Krugman’s brilliant little book The Return of Depression Economics. … Continue reading

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December sales provided some relief, but Qld retailers saw very low growth in sales over 2014

In seeking re-election, the Queensland Government was disadvantaged by the lacklustre economy, which was evident in many sectors, including retail. Estimates of retail turnover published yesterday by the ABS confirm that, while there was a December boost to sales (see … Continue reading

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Fiscal reality will drive the next reform agenda – guest post from Joe Branigan

I’m delighted to present a guest post from my old friend and former Treasury colleague Joe Branigan. It goes without saying that the views presented below are Joe’s and not necessarily mine. That said, I agree broadly with Joe regarding … Continue reading

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Is any Opposition truly ready to govern?

I’m surprised by former Treasurer Keith De Lacy’s comments on the Opposition’s readiness to govern reported by the Brisbane Times this morning (Labor had ‘secret’ plan to govern).  It seems a little unfair given I doubt any Opposition in Australian … Continue reading

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Big year for Econ Society in Qld – the Governor returns & national conference in July

The Reserve Bank of Australia is making a return to the spotlight with the RBA expected by many market players to cut the cash rate today or at its March meeting, to stimulate an economy needing a boost in investment … Continue reading

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