Big year for Econ Society in Qld – the Governor returns & national conference in July


The Reserve Bank of Australia is making a return to the spotlight with the RBA expected by many market players to cut the cash rate today or at its March meeting, to stimulate an economy needing a boost in investment and to prevent a currency appreciation due to our interest rates being higher than those in other parts of the world (see Vesna Poljak’s nice analysis Roubini Global urges RBA to hold interest rates). Contrary voices include Nouriel Roubini, as noted in the article just linked to, and Far North econ blogger Pete Faulkner (see Will rates be cut on Tuesday?).

So 2015 will be a big year for the RBA. The Economic Society of Australia (Qld), of which I’m Deputy Secretary, is very pleased to have RBA Governor Glenn Stevens back for a business lunch on Wednesday 10 June. Details are yet to be fully worked out, but we’ve issued a date claimer for it:

2015 Business Lunch – Glenn Stevens

ESA (Qld) will also be busy organising the 2015 Australian Conference of Economists, which is being held from 7 to 11 July at QUT, Gardens Point, Brisbane:

2015 Australian Conference of Economists (ACE 2015)

I know that the timing of this conference will make it very attractive to many of my former Treasury colleagues who might like an escape from the Canberra Winter. We’re currently putting together some exciting events aimed at policy and business economists, which I’ll update you on soon.

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1 Response to Big year for Econ Society in Qld – the Governor returns & national conference in July

  1. Not often I’ll see my name in the same sentence as Nouriel Roubini! Thanks for the plug….let’s see what happens in a few minutes.

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