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Qld regions have been struggling and not just the mining ones

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill’s alleged lack of success in bringing new infrastructure projects to the city may become a major issue in the mayoral election in March next year, based on a report in today’s Townsville Bulletin. The Mayor may … Continue reading

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Unemployment much higher in North Qld, Wide Bay, Ipswich and outer Brisbane metro area

The regional dimension to Queensland unemployment is readily apparent from the following unemployment rate maps I’ve produced based on Queensland Treasury’s handy information brief on regional unemployment. Here’s the map for the whole State: My old home town of Townsville … Continue reading

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Update on regional unemployment in Queensland

As I’ve commented on before (Good news for regional Qld if Carmichael mine goes ahead – jobs market weaker than in SEQ), over the last twelve months or so, there has been a large difference in employment growth between SEQ … Continue reading

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Higher incidence of long-term unemployment in outer metro areas, Qld outback and Wide Bay

Around one-in-five of the 150,000 or so unemployed people in Queensland have been out of work for one year or more, corresponding to around 30,000 people, according to ABS labour force data. There is considerable variation in the incidence of … Continue reading

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Qld unemployment hot spots – Ipswich, Cairns and Wide Bay

I’ve prepared some maps of regional unemployment rates based on last week’s new regional labour force data from the ABS for February 2014 (see below). The figures I’ve used are taken from Queensland Treasury’s information brief, which presents 12-month moving … Continue reading

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