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Forward estimates budgeting needs rethinking in more volatile economic times

Today’s speech by Prime Minister Gillard is a good attempt at explaining the Government’s budgetary challenges, but I was unconvinced by this line in the speech: The Budget will outline the fiscal path for the coming four years, one designed … Continue reading

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Maybe the electricity network hasn’t been gold plated

Prime Minister Julia Gillard might find it hard to convince South East Queenslanders that the electricity network has been gold plated if we see more power outages such as occurred at Paddington in Brisbane this afternoon around 5.20pm in response … Continue reading

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Recent studies show potentially large savings in power bills

Prime Minister Julia Gillard is right to draw attention to rising electricity prices and ask whether we can improve the regulation of our electricity networks, with a view to promoting cheaper ways of guaranteeing reliable power supplies. The Queensland Independent … Continue reading

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Was Maxine McKew asleep during the Rudd Government?

Maxine McKew was a great journalist, but her time in politics has been marked by naivety and hero worship for Kevin Rudd, against all the objective facts. As a Treasury official during the first eighteen months of the Government I … Continue reading

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