Maybe the electricity network hasn’t been gold plated

Prime Minister Julia Gillard might find it hard to convince South East Queenslanders that the electricity network has been gold plated if we see more power outages such as occurred at Paddington in Brisbane this afternoon around 5.20pm in response to extremely high levels of demand. While the power was only off for 15 to 20 minutes, this was a bad start to the Summer for Energex and makes me wonder how reliable the network will be when we start experiencing the really high temperatures in January and February.

ABC News has coverage of the extreme heat today here:

South-east sizzles through hot start to summer

I posted on the PM’s campaign for lower electricity prices yesterday:

Recent studies show potentially large savings in power bills

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2 Responses to Maybe the electricity network hasn’t been gold plated

  1. I’ve never really bought into the whole ‘gold-plated = waste of money’ meme. If you are spending money on long term durable assets, it is usually justified to spend a little more an the beginning to save money in the future on maintenance costs etc.

    I touch on this issue in a couple of articles

    We’ll see what summer brings. I wonder how many air-conditioners were sold today?

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