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Stamp duty has to go – time to consider greater reliance on land tax & GST

It is lamentable that our State Governments are so reliant on a source of revenue, stamp duty, that is very costly to the economy and has no defenders outside of State Treasuries who would greatly miss the money if it … Continue reading

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State & local govts need to allow development to boost housing supply – Gap mega-suburb would be a good start

Now that likely future PM Malcolm Turnbull has highlighted the “big supply side issue” in Australia’s housing market (see yesterday’s Australian), it would be timely for State and local governments around Australia to review their regulations and charges, which many … Continue reading

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HIA appears worried RBA will move to rein in housing market

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) released an informative (though possibly naively optimistic) note yesterday titled A Portrait of Australian Home Prices, available at the HIA website, which is basically a message to the RBA that “There’s nothing to see here.” … Continue reading

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HIA wants debate on stamp duty, not negative gearing

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) has released an excellent report from the consulting firm of top Australian economist Chris Murphy on The Economic Impacts of Negative Gearing of Residential Property (see the news report Don’t slash negative gearing, says HIA). … Continue reading

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Qld has three of top five regional areas with most expensive residential lots

The Housing Industry Association released a very interesting note today on median lot prices in capital cities and regional Australia (i.e. non-Capital City Australia): Land price pressures signal policy failure. The data should prompt a number of Queensland Councils to review their … Continue reading

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Still waiting for building industry recovery

The Queensland building industry will continue to experience lean times over coming months with building approvals remaining significantly lower than they were before the financial crisis (see chart below based on today’s latest ABS data). While seasonally adjusted building approvals … Continue reading

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Further decline in exchange rate would be good news for Qld tourism

The HIA released an interesting note today forecasting the Australian dollar will continue to decline, possibly down to the US$0.70 to US$0.80 range (see Decline of the Aussie dollar: Where to from here?). I agree with the HIA there are … Continue reading

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Loans data confirm very slow recovery in housing – is regulation constraining the sector?

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) gave an apt summary of today’s ABS housing finance data in the title of its media release Home lending up but not by enough. The Queensland data (see my chart below) are consistent with building … Continue reading

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HIA still worried about Qld housing industry

Building approvals are a reasonably good leading indicator of economic activity across the economy because the construction industry employs nearly 10% of the workforce (see this OESR table) and it buys a lot of products from other parts of the … Continue reading

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Qld building industry recovery postponed

In a post last month I observed that of the so-called four pillars of the Queensland economy – agriculture, construction, resources and tourism –  the resources sector has been the only one with employment growth in recent years. Unfortunately, new … Continue reading

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