Qld has three of top five regional areas with most expensive residential lots

The Housing Industry Association released a very interesting note today on median lot prices in capital cities and regional Australia (i.e. non-Capital City Australia): Land price pressures signal policy failure. The data should prompt a number of Queensland Councils to review their planning policies, to see if they are unnecessarily constraining development. Given how important housing construction will be to the strength of the Queensland economy in coming years, it’s somewhat concerning to see three Queensland regions represented in the top five regional markets for most expensive residential lots (see chart below). Of course, these are all attractive regions to live in, but three Queensland regions in the top five seems excessive.


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2 Responses to Qld has three of top five regional areas with most expensive residential lots

  1. Jim says:


    I’m not sure including the Gold Coast (population over half a million) in this list makes a lot of sense. Isn’t it the 6th biggest city in Australia? I’d hardly call it regional. Furthermore, both the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast have a lot of spill over impacts from Brisbane.

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