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New evidence stimulus worsened our competitiveness from Makin & Ratnasiri

Griffith University Economics Professor Tony Makin and his co-author Shyama Ratnasiri have just published an interesting paper (Competitiveness and government expenditure: The Australian example) presenting new econometric evidence that suggests fiscal stimulus in response to the financial crisis worsened Australia’s … Continue reading

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Qld coal exports decline of 5.5% big contributor to total exports decline

Lower coal prices have translated into a decline in the value of Queensland’s coal exports (by 5.5% in the year to February 2015), contributing to a 1.6% decline in the value of Queensland’s total commodity exports over the same period … Continue reading

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Queensland’s top five customers – China has taken top spot from Japan in recent years

Earlier this month, the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office released a useful set of trade reports on Queensland’s trade with international economies. In our merchandise exports data (see chart below), it’s not surprising to see the importance of China, which has … Continue reading

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Qld waiting for LNG exports to boost economic growth, as internal demand falls away

The first exports of LNG from Curtis Island off Gladstone are expected to occur later this month, and they can’t come soon enough for the Queensland economy, with our current economic weakness confirmed by State Final Demand estimates in yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Qld Govt recognises importance of coal to economy and budget

Reading the Courier-Mail story today about how the Government looks set to favour coal miners over farmers in Central Queensland,  I recalled a chart my friend and colleague Brad Rogers once showed me of the contributions made by different commodities … Continue reading

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Qld Treasurer rightly rejects pessimism about mining industry

I’m pleased to see Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls has rejected the doom and gloom around the state of the mining industry in Queensland, as reported in the Brisbane Times this morning (Qld mining industry still strong), pointing to strong growth … Continue reading

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Top ten countries for imports to Qld and exports from Qld

Based on today’s new ABS international trade statistics, I prepared the charts below, which show Japan and China are our top two export destinations and the US and China are our top two sources of imports: I was initially surprised by … Continue reading

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