CIS still seeking students & recent graduates for Liberty & Society weekends

The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) is still seeking students and recent graduates to participate in either of its upcoming Liberty & Society weekends, with one in Sydney over 8-10 May and the other in Perth over 17-19 July. These weekends are an excellent introduction to classical liberal ideas and a great opportunity to meet and engage with a bunch of brilliant young people interested in economics and public policy from across Australia and New Zealand. In a post last year, I wrote about my own positive experience with the L&S weekend. Applications for the Sydney weekend can be made here, and applications for the Perth weekend here.

Alumni of the L&S weekends can later participate in Advanced L&S weekends, which offer even more intensive philosophical discussion and the opportunity to engage with some truly outstanding people. For example, at the Advanced L&S weekend held in Sydney in September last year, former New Zealand Finance Minister Ruth Richardson inspired us to strive hard to achieve big policy reforms, as she did in her career, and also offered us some excellent health and wellbeing advice – e.g. the most important appointment you make everyday is with yourself. It was great advice that I’m sure inspired many of us to go to the gym or for a run the next day!

Please pass this on to any students or recent graduates you think might be interested.

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