Weekly wrap up – Aussie reopening, Kiwi inflation, oil and petrol prices, and Bitcoin news

My latest Friday livestream covered:

  • accelerating NZ inflation and the implications for interest rates of accelerating inflation in advanced economies more broadly;
  • the great Australian reopening and booming job vacancies (i.e. as noted by the National Skills Commission “Nationally job advertisements are up by 36.2% (or 60,800 job advertisements) compared to levels observed prior to the pandemic”); and
  • the extraordinary Bitcoin narrative which is being reinforced by the introduction of Bitcoin-exposed Exchange Traded Funds.

You can download Michael Knox’s excellent note on the oil price I mentioned in the livestream here:

Biden’s oil and gas lease pause

Also, check out this great note (which I quoted in the livestream and which I’m guessing was written by Pete Wargent) in the BuyersBuyers newsletter from yesterday:

Yields creeping higher

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2 Responses to Weekly wrap up – Aussie reopening, Kiwi inflation, oil and petrol prices, and Bitcoin news

  1. Russell says:

    Hi Gene, some first had info. Saw my son this morning (Saturday) at his work at a popular coffee stand at Carindale Shopping Centre. Why are you working all weekend I asked? He had negotiated to have both or one day off on weekends some time back given his senior job there. Can’t get staff. A real shortage of baristas in Brisbane. Don’t know why but maybe people moving up from that job, maybe seasonal or maybe they are having trouble getting off the government funded couch given that they were on it for so long. Confirms what I am reading in the media. Interesting times.

    • Gene Tunny says:

      Hi Russell, I think it’s because a lot of international students and young temporary migrants who were over here pre-COVID have now gone home, and the Aussies who have come back are older, highly skilled, and not looking for jobs in hospitality, fruit picking, etc. Thanks for the info.

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