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Stark difference in unemployment rates between resources regions and rest of Qld

The Queensland branch of the Economic Society of Australia, of which I am the Secretary, was fortunate last Tuesday to host a presentation by Queensland Treasury official Greg Uptin on the economic forecasts underpinning the 2016-17 Queensland Budget. Greg gave … Continue reading

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Comment in Courier-Mail on volatile Qld jobs data

With the huge volatility in State unemployment rate estimates, demonstrated by the ABS seasonally adjusted estimate of Queensland’s unemployment rate falling from 6.4% in January to 5.6% in February, and the SA rate increasing from 6.8% to 7.7%, the ABS … Continue reading

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A longer-term perspective on the CAPEX plunge

In a comment on my post from last Friday, regular Queensland Economy Watch reader Jim pointed out that the plunge in capital expenditure (CAPEX) is simply returning Queensland to more normal rates of investment, as was completely expected. Jim suggested … Continue reading

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Big divide between SEQ and rest of Qld in jobs growth

Looking at the data in Queensland Treasury’s latest briefing on regional employment, it appears that the bulk of jobs growth that is occurring in Queensland is occurring in the South-East, particularly on the Gold Coast, and many parts of regional … Continue reading

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End of the mining boom – speech notes and slides

In Brisbane today, in the theatre of Morgans Financial Limited, along with Griffith’s Tony Makin and Morgans’ Michael Knox, I spoke on “The end of the mining boom”, at an event organised by Griffith’s APEC Study Centre. My slides are … Continue reading

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Qld economy hit by declines in both private and public sector capital spending

It was unsurprising that the National Accounts data released by the ABS today showed the Australian economy continuing to grow at a sub-trend rate (2.5% through-the-year), and that Queensland was enduring a large shock from a decline in resources sector … Continue reading

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Qld Government likely to go into election campaign with weak economy

New ABS data released today show a large drop in engineering construction activity – i.e. the heavy construction activity that has been largely associated with the resources sector in recent years. At the same time as this drop is occurring, … Continue reading

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