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Long-run benefits of privatisation are undeniable

Last Friday, in an opinion piece in the Courier-Mail (see image above) that was consistent with its current “Go Queensland” campaign, I re-entered the debate on privatisation: Privatisation, legalising Uber and deregulating trading hours are first steps towards boosting the … Continue reading

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Australia’s Christmas Gifts – Innovation and our Global Financial Standing

Thanks to Michael Willis from Effective Governance for today’s guest post. The Prime Minister’s “Innovation Statement” may or may not prove to be gold, frankincense and myrrh, a Christmas gift for our nation. But like the shepherds arriving with a … Continue reading

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Doubts about capabilities of public servants in contract management worldwide

The Economist last week reported on British Chancellor George Osborne’s ambitious plan to remake the British Government, and it observed (in U-turns and new turns): “By 2020 departments will be too cash-strapped to run things; public administration will be far … Continue reading

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Over 255,000 regulatory requirements imposed on Queenslanders

I was reminded the other day about the massive counting exercise the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) has commission regarding the burden of regulation – an exercise that has found over 255,000 regulatory requirements imposed on Queenslanders across State Government portfolios … Continue reading

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Productivity push from Qld Govt needed after living standards growth stalls

Queensland Treasury econocrats should start investigating measures to improve our productivity performance, after ABS State Accounts data released on Friday confirmed a big slowdown in living standards growth over the last decade or so – measured, roughly I admit, by … Continue reading

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New businesses need to hang tough for first year – big gains come in second year

New businesses experience their biggest productivity gains in their second year (see the chart below), after the hard work and investment of the first year have been realised, according to new research published by the ABS (see Firm Dynamics and … Continue reading

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