4BC Dora the Explorer interview & ABC News coverage of my CBIC analysis

Dora the Explorer interview with Ben Davis on 4BC

Yesterday afternoon I had an enjoyable chat with Ben Davis on his 4BC wireless show Brisbane Live regarding the state government’s use of taxpayers’ money to lure the live action Dora the Explorer film production to Queensland:

Do subsidies work?

Note there is some great commentary from Ben on the relevant issues prior to when I come on at around 5 minutes in, although I do disagree with Ben on whether state government assistance should be provided. Here’s the nice concise summary of the interview on the 4BC website:

The exact amount the Palaszczuk Government will subsidise the project is commercial in confidence, but former Commonwealth Treasury Manager and Principal at Adept Economics, Gene Tunny, has done the sums and believes the number’s extremely generous.

ABC coverage of my analysis of CBIC’s investment mandate

Today, my analysis of the City of Brisbane Investment Corporation’s investment mandate is featured in an online ABC News article by up-and-coming ABC reporter Tim Swanston:

Brisbane risking $270m in ratepayer funds with secretive investment strategy, economist warns

The article begins:

There are growing concerns that Brisbane City Council’s investment arm is risking $270 million of ratepayer funds with an investment strategy kept at arm’s length from the city’s residents.

Economist Gene Tunny is echoing the concerns of Opposition and independent councillors that the City of Brisbane Investment Corporation (CBIC) has concentrated its investments too heavily in the property sector, risking heavy losses in a downturn.

Relevant previous posts

Previous posts of mine on film industry assistance and CBIC include:

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