Weekend reading: CIS Policy mag featuring my article on film industry subsidies, available at good newsagents


If you’re looking for something to read this weekend, you could try the latest issue of the Centre for Independent Studies’ magazine Policy, which includes some excellent feature articles. These include an article on the worrying levels of public debt we are seeing worldwide from former IMF Fiscal Affairs Director Vito Tanzi, as well as an article from me, “Special rates for special mates.” This is an expanded version of the article I posted earlier this year on the outrageous subsidy Australian taxpayers are providing to the Aquaman film production on the Gold Coast:

Should the Aquaman film production on the Gold Coast get a $22M tax break?

The magazine also features an interview of UK Conservative Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan, one of the architects of Brexit, by Tom Switzer, and articles by William Coleman, Stephen Kirchner and Wolgang Kasper, among others. Highly recommended.

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