Qld returns to fourth place in population growth as WA falls back

The new population data released by the ABS last week reveal Queensland is still growing slower than the national average, and much slower than Victoria (see first chart below), a State to which we are still losing interstate migrants in net terms (more on this point below).


At least Queensland has regained fourth place among States and Territories in population growth rates, but that is due to WA slipping behind, and we have historically been ranked much higher (see chart below).


Queensland has been growing at a slower rate than the national average since mid-2014 (see chart below).


This reflects ongoing weakness in net interstate migration as well as a disproportionate drop in net overseas migration (see chart below).


Luckily, there are some signs of a recovery beginning in net interstate migration, but it may be too soon to call it a recovery (see chart below).


As noted above, Queensland is still losing interstate migrants to Victoria in net terms (see chart below).


My previous comments on Queensland population issues include:

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Also see Queensland Treasury’s information brief.

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