West is best – high income earners love Brisbane’s leafy western suburbs

I’ve mapped the ABS’s latest small area income data for Brisbane below, and it shows, unsurprisingly, the leafy western suburbs remain popular with high income earners. (For greater clarity, you can right click and open the map in a new window.) Unfortunately, as anyone who travels on Moggill Road regularly knows, the road infrastructure hasn’t kept up with population growth in these popular suburbs and congestion in peak times is awful. That roundabout at Moggill and Brookfield Roads at Kenmore must be the worst in Brisbane and requires a total redesign.

Average_incomesPete Faulkner has posted on the new ABS data from a Far North perspective:

Cassowary Coast almost stood still 2005-2011; but Cairns did well

I’ve previously posted on:

Where do Queensland’s super rich live?

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3 Responses to West is best – high income earners love Brisbane’s leafy western suburbs

  1. Katrina drake says:

    Merry Christmas from Kenmore – heart of the leafy western suburbs. We have lived in Kenmore since 1985, and it certainly is a lovely suburb for schools, parks, trees and views.

    You are correct about moggill road not keeping up with growth in the suburbs beyond Kenmore, the proposed Kenmore bypass to the centenary freeway was shelved in 2012, and no funds have been committed .

    Time is money, and all those high-income earning professionals can certainly burn an hour a day in congestion on moggill road. But, if you can avoid moggill road between 7-9am and 3-4 pm and 5-7pm it is still a nice place to live, and you can be in the city in 20 minutes out of peak times. Your High-earning professionals usually start before 7am and don’t get home until after 7pm, so no problem really.

    Nice to see a generational change in the suburb, as empty-nester downsize, and the large gardens and family homes attract young families again. Although a few of the longterm residents are still resisting apartment living and holding on to our gardens, the recent wet summers and relaxation of water restrictions has helped.

    Until the bypass, western suburbs residents will have to be content with the recent planting of gazania on the roundabout, that is watered on thursday evening and adds to late night congestion. Just goes to show that someone, somewhere is thinking of the roundabout !

  2. KT says:

    agree – we also need a busway like north, east and south areas have

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