Queensland regional unemployment maps, May 2013

I’ve prepared some maps based on the ABS regional unemployment rate data released yesterday. I’ve taken the numbers from Queensland Treasury’s briefing on the data, which presents 12-month moving averages of the ABS data to smooth out the high degree of volatility in the data. Far North Queensland (FNQ) and Wide Bay-Burnett continue to have high unemployment rates relative to the State average. Here’s a map of the whole State:

Qld May 2013 unemployment rates

And here’s a close up of the Brisbane metro area:

Brisbane May 2013 unemployment rates

FNQ bloggers Mark Beath and Pete Faulkner have been doing a great job trying to figure out what’s been going on with the extremely volatile FNQ data:

Men on strike?

FNQ employment charts

Pete’s analysis suggests the FNQ labour market has really improved a lot in recent months, and we should start to see this improvement in Treasury’s smoothed unemployment rate measure in the coming months.

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