Impressive start to Qld Govt data disclosure – check out Dept of Communities grants data

The article Queensland Police are zeroing in on crime, and a planned street map of offences will be just a click away alerted me to the Queensland Government data website, which, while incomplete, represents an impressive start to making the huge amount of data captured by the Queensland Government publicly available. I’m very impressed by the availability of data on levels of grant funding provided by the Communities Department to around 2,300 organisations in 2011-12, which is available at Grants funding paid to organisations. I’ve produced a chart (see below) of the funding levels for the top 20 recipients, which receive around 45% of all funding. There is a massive variance in funding levels among organisations, with the top 20% (458 out of 2,291 organisations) receiving over 90% of total funding.

Top20I’ve previously posted on the Government’s commitment to open information:

Commitment to open information commendable

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