Just what are the aliens supposed to be looking for in Maryborough?

Maryborough residents concerned about UFOs should ask what possible motive would aliens have for visiting the town – is the Fraser Coast attracting intergalactic retirees? Perhaps due to a dearth of real local news, the Fraser Coast Chronicle is obsessed with recent UFO sightings around Maryborough:

Maryborough UFOs caught on video

Hot air and rubbish or alien UFO?

UFO mystery deepens

Clearly the Fraser Coast is an attractive lifestyle and retirement destination and will continue to grow strongly in the future (see 16,000 people move to Fraser Coast), but I doubt it would be the number one destination in Queensland for alien visitors. Given the major expansion of Lavarack Barracks, you’d expect Townsville would be experiencing the UFO sightings instead.

Maryborough does look like an interesting place to visit, though, particularly during the Mary Poppins festival in July, which is in honour of the Maryborough born creator of Mary Poppins, P.L. Travers.

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1 Response to Just what are the aliens supposed to be looking for in Maryborough?

  1. Jennifer says:

    RETIREES FROM OUTER SPACE!!! They seek a relaxed, carefree lifestyle among us! It could also help revitalise the sluggish ufologist tourism sector.

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