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Economic impact of natural disasters

Having grown up in Townsville, I know very well that North Queenslanders are a resilient bunch and will recover quickly from the impacts of Cyclone Ita, although, as we’ve seen, the immediate impacts on some families and communities have been … Continue reading

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QCA review of Qld Govt industry assistance is great news

The Queensland Competition Authority has announced that the Government has commissioned it to review State Government industry assistance (see Review of Queensland Government Industry Assistance), which the Productivity Commission has previously estimated at over $800 million per annum (See Scope to cut … Continue reading

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Growing list of impacts and costs of big wet

One economic impact I failed to explicitly mention in my post yesterday on the economic impact of the big wet is the impact on the sugarcane crop, which may be very signficant, as reported in the Courier-Mail this morning: Yesterday, … Continue reading

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