Great Resignation chat with Anthony Bersz and Louise Gibson, Remedy Resourcing

The Great Resignation is the label given to the record numbers of people leaving jobs in the US and the UK. For a variety of reasons, many people have re-evaluated their lives and careers during the pandemic. People have quit their jobs to either take up a different job, set up a business, retire early, or have a sabbatical. In Episode 116 of my Economics Explored podcast, I chat about the Great Resignation with Anthony Bersz and Louise Gibson from Remedy Resourcing. Anthony and Louise are located just around the corner from me in the serviced offices at the Johnson, Spring Hill, Brisbane.

Drawing on their industry experience, Anthony and Louise confirm what economists have observed in the Australian labour market data, that the Great Resignation is not occurring here (See Australia’s ‘great resignation’ is a myth — we are changing jobs less than ever before and No sign yet of the “great resignation” phenomenon in Australia). However, Louise makes the great point that, as we re-open to the world, we may see a big outflow of young professionals moving to take up jobs in London, New York City, etc. Hence, it may be too early to conclude that we won’t see a Great Resignation in Australia.

Here’s a video recording of my conversation with Anthony and Louise via YouTube:

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2 Responses to Great Resignation chat with Anthony Bersz and Louise Gibson, Remedy Resourcing

  1. Glen says:

    I think we need to wait and see a bit with this, We are not resigning straight away but my wife and I have bought forward retirement plans by 5 years to 2023, so in effect we are resigning as well.

    • Gene Tunny says:

      Yes, indeed, we do need to wait and see on this. That’s great you’re in a position to bring forward your retirement plans by five years. Thanks for the comment, Glen.

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