White gold and white meat

Cotton can be a very profitable crop for farmers and is often referred to as white gold. Hence it was good to see the report in the Toowoomba Chronicle today that Darling Downs gins smash cotton record:

Queensland Cotton regional manager John Robinson said this year’s pick had smashed all previous records.

“Across our gins on the Darling Downs we produced more than 730,000 bales of cotton,” Mr Robinson said.

“The previous record was about 425,000 bales.

As I’ve noted in a previous post (Asian growth boosts our agricultural sector), there is a large demand from Chinese clothing manufacturers for Australia’s high quality cotton.

In further encouraging news for our agricultural sector, which the Government considers one of the “four pillars” of the Queensland economy, it appears there is a large untapped export market for poultry, according to a report in Queensland Country Life today (Missing the Asian Century rush). I found this statistic very interesting:

…60pc of the frozen chicken sold in Singapore comes from Brazil.

Clearly there are large opportunities for Australian farmers in the Asian century.

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