Highlights of recent coronavirus-related podcast episodes

In my latest Economics Explained podcast episode, I review some of the big issues covered in recent episodes on coronavirus. Brisbane-based businessman Tim Hughes of Urban Ergo and I react to excerpts of recent episodes and discuss the important policy issues regarding coronavirus.

Use these (approximate) timestamps to jump right to the highlights:

  • 1:40 – radical uncertainty around coronavirus impacts, featuring an excerpt from EP33 with Prof. John Kay CBE
  • 11:40 – discussion of issues around re-opening economies and whether we’re “putting a price tag on human life”, featuring an excerpt from EP32 with Dr Dan Mitchell
  • 20:00 – discussion of QUT Professor Benno Torgler’s paper on certified corona-immunity (check out EP30 with Prof. Benno Torgler)
  • 24:10 – discussion of an excerpt of my conversation with Joe Branigan on how we’ll pay for the coronavirus response (EP31 with Joe Branigan)
  • 30:10 – reference to the Quantity Theory of Money
  • 33:40 – discussion of Dr Dan Mitchell’s views on bailouts
  • 43:10 – discussion of Australia’s COVIDSafe app

Other recent coronavirus-related episodes include:

EP28 with Dr Nicholas Gruen on coronavirus policy responses

EP27 with Michael Knox from Morgans on coronavirus, machine trading & financial markets

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