Fifth anniversary of Palaszczuk Gov’t – my comments in today’s Courier-Mail

Courier-Mail State Affairs Editor Steven Wardill has written a great article on where the Palaszczuk Government is placed on its fifth anniversary today, Premier’s support plunges to same level as Bligh bloodbath, in which he quotes me:

One of Queensland’s most respected economists, Gene Tunny, said voters had been patiently waiting for the Government to steer the state to better times but it hasn’t happened.

Check out Steven’s article in today’s Courier-Mail for the rest of my comments, although if you’re a regular reader of my blog you won’t be surprised by them. The big problem this government has always had is that it’s been constrained by the existing high state debt and lacked the political cover it could have had to invest much more in infrastructure because, unlike governments in NSW and Victoria, it rejected asset sales/leases. I made this point to Steve Austin when he interviewed me in the Queensland Legislative Council chamber on the first parliamentary day of the Palaszczuk Government in March 2015:

ABC radio interview on the fiscal challenges facing the new Qld Government

GT at PH

Speaking with 612 ABC Brisbane’s Steve Austin on the Palaszczuk Government’s first day of parliament in March 2015.

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5 Responses to Fifth anniversary of Palaszczuk Gov’t – my comments in today’s Courier-Mail

  1. Russell Rogers says:

    Hi Gene I don’t subscribe to the Courier Mail or get it delivered. Any chance of a copy of your article being posted here or emailed to me? We are in dire straights and with coal prices in (slow) retreat we need to pull a rabbit out of a hat. A long term downturn in tourism and education export income because of the Corona-virus will be detrimental. As a miner I find it interesting that they won’t approve New Hope’s Ackland 3 plans as they need the money. I know it is a bit of a hot potato but it would make sense. Thanks Russell

  2. cairnseconomy says:

    I’m not sure citations in News Ltd publications are worth what they used to be?

  3. Robyn says:

    What might make sense to the mining lobby won’t make political sense to the government. Labor is wedged between the inner city Greens on one hand and One Nation, Katter and Palmer on the other. Why pick up any hot potato before the election? Especially after this summer- unless anyone really thinks nothing has changed. But Frecklington hasn’t made much traction, and has made serious missteps lately. Creating an opportunity for Canavan???

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