The economics of President Trump – upcoming ESA Qld event

As Secretary of the Economic Society of Australia (QLD) I am pleased to announce our upcoming event on “The economics of President Trump”, on the evening of Wednesday 22 February at the Ship Inn, in its upstairs function room, at South Bank. The event will feature a timely panel discussion on the economics of President Trump, including an analysis of his trade and taxation policies, with a focus on what they might mean for Australia.

Panelists will include Professor Fabrizio Carmignani from Griffith University and Michael Knox, Chief Economist at Morgans, with a final panelist to be announced soon. Both Fabrizio and Michael have made excellent recent contributions on the economics of Trump, and I expect them to expand on these contributions in their presentations on the 22nd of February:

Fabrizio Carmignani’s article on Trumpnomics

Michael Knox’s note on Trump Trade

I especially liked Fabrizio’s reference to the historical failure of import substitution policies and the protection of manufacturing industries in his piece which was published in the Sydney Morning Herald and Brisbane Times. In Michael’s note, I liked his optimistic view that Australia could actually benefit from the Trump administration:

“Trump’s decision to favour bilateral free trade agreements, rather than multilateral agreements could wind up favouring allies in important strategic locations. One of those allies in an important strategic location is Australia.”

Please consider attending on the 22nd of February to hear more from Fabrizio and Michael, and to participate in the discussion.


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2 Responses to The economics of President Trump – upcoming ESA Qld event

  1. Malcolm J. says:

    Doesn’t such a topic presuppose coherence exists in Trump’s policies.

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