Liberty & Society weekend in Sydney for students and recent graduates

I wrote last week about the important contribution the Centre for Independent Studies has made to the Australian public policy debate (Don’t worry, Greg, the protectionists aren’t winning the real race), so I’m happy to recommend its Liberty & Society weekend for students and recent graduates in May 2015:


Do you like to challenge yourself, question the way decisions are made and think seriously about the future of Australia and New Zealand? If you have started exploring the possibilities offered by classical liberal ideas then this conference is an opportunity not to be missed.

The Centre for Independent Studies recognises the importance of exposing, challenging and supporting young people who have an interest in exploring the foundations of a free society. The Liberty and Society student conferences are highly regarded with many participants saying the weekend was pivotal in building their personal philosophical framework.

You can find further details on the CIS website.

This weekend would be particularly valuable to anyone with an interest in economics and public policy. Over the years, a number of leading Queensland public policy thinkers have participated in the weekend, including (i.e. the ones I know about) Alex Robson of Griffith University, a current Deputy Director-General of a major Queensland Government department, and my fellow Economic Society Management Committee member John Humphreys.

I attended what I think was the second Liberty & Society weekend ever held, back in 1997. Queensland participation in these weekends is disproportionately low, so please consider applying if you’re interested, or passing this information on to someone who may be interested. Queensland certainly needs more people who can critically assess public policies put forward by our three levels of governments.

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