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Economic Policy Issues in the 2015 Qld Election – Griffith-ESA Qld event on 28 January

I’m looking forward to participating in an upcoming panel discussion on Economic Policy Issues in the 2015 Queensland Election, to be held on Wednesday, 28 January at 6.30pm at Griffith University’s Southbank campus. I’m certain Professors Fabrizio Carmignani and Tony … Continue reading

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Qld Govt benefits from volatile jobs data – still vulnerable over bulk of jobs growth being part-time over first term

The volatile labour force data yielded a nice surprise for the Queensland Government today, with the seasonally adjusted rate falling from 6.8% to 6.1% between November and December last year, and the trend rate falling marginally, too, though staying the … Continue reading

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New jobs figures will be important to election debate

Today the ABS will release its December 2014 labour force estimates of employment and unemployment and the figures will be important to the ongoing election debate about employment. At 6.9%, Queensland’s unemployment rate is significantly higher than the rate of … Continue reading

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ABC radio interview on outlook for Qld economy

Steve Austin from 612 ABC Brisbane interviewed me yesterday morning regarding the economic outlook, and I gave my current view that the economy is relatively weak at the moment, but there are reasons for optimism for later in the year … Continue reading

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Better off allocating all lease proceeds to debt reduction

John Quiggin’s interesting new paper on the budgetary impact of asset leases, reported in the Brisbane Times today (Strong Choices will have ‘adverse impact’), correctly points out the adverse budgetary impact of the Queensland Government allocating around one-third of asset … Continue reading

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Qld Govt’s new jobs target much more achievable than previous 4% unemployment rate target

The Premier today announced a relatively conservative employment growth target of 209,000 new jobs over six years, which he based on Treasury advice (see LNP unveils plan for the Jobs of Tomorrow). So long as the economy doesn’t remain in … Continue reading

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Retail turnover has been declining in real terms in Qld, possibly due to lack of fulfilment centres

ABS data released Friday confirmed that Queensland’s retail trade sector remained relatively weak in the lead up to the Christmas period, with nominal retail turnover only increasing slightly by o.1 per cent in November (see chart below). Recent weak results … Continue reading

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Up-tick in Queensland building approvals, while Victoria surges

There was a welcome 5.6% increase in building approvals in November last year according to ABS data released yesterday (see chart above), largely due to approvals of new apartments and townhouses. Of course, the volatility of approvals from month-to-month means … Continue reading

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Employment and unemployment can both increase because labour force grows with population

I’ve noticed there is a bit of confusion around regarding how the Queensland Government can claim employment has grown while at the same time unemployment has increased and the unemployment rate has risen to 6.9 per cent. Employment and unemployment … Continue reading

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Good set of policy principles (mostly) from new Queensland think tank AiP

New Queensland think tank the Australian Institute for Progress (AiP) has released a set of high-level policies for the Queensland election, which are mostly consistent with sound public finance and the promotion of free markets (see Our priorities for Queensland … Continue reading

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