Nine News interview on Paddington seven-storey development

Tessa Scott from Nine News Brisbane interviewed me yesterday morning regarding the proposed re-development of the Brisbane Workers’ Community Centre and associated shops on the corner of Given and Latrobe Terraces, Paddington. I was supportive of the proposed mixed-used (i.e. commercial and residential) development, arguing higher density brings many economic and social benefits, including reduced transport costs, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and greater opportunities for business and social interactions. Here’s a link to the Nine News story in which I’m interviewed:

Paddington residents rally against development

Let’s hope this doesn’t become another missed opportunity, like the missed opportunity to develop the old Milton Tennis Centre site, which is now being turned into a park. The development should proceed.

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2 Responses to Nine News interview on Paddington seven-storey development

  1. Jim says:

    On the surface of it, this site at Paddington is a prime redevelopment site. With the exception of the shading issues on houses directly around the development (a genuine externality that will impact directly on the value of a few homes), the protests seem to be driven by NIMBY issues. The simple solution might be for the developer to compensate the owners two or three houses that are genuinely impacted.

    However, the old Milton tennis centre is a completely different situation, unless a radically different approach to development is taken. Much of the site is less than 2m above sea level and is highly susceptible to flooding (worse under any climate change scenario). Wasn’t it Mark Twain who said something like “floodplains are for floods” when he was talking about development in Mississippi?

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