Unemployment in outer Brisbane

Katherine Feeney has a great article on the Brisbane Times website this morning: Unemployment hitting Brisbane’s outer suburbs hardest. It contains some commentary from me on Brisbane’s labour market that I gave to Katherine when she interviewed me yesterday, in response to some recent blog posts:

Which suburbs of Brisbane had the largest increases in unemployment?

Largest unemployment rate increases over 2012-13 in metro Brisbane and Central Qld

I’m rather impressed by the Datawrapper tool used to generate the chart in Katherine’s article and might add it to my toolbox.


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2 Responses to Unemployment in outer Brisbane

  1. Katrina drake says:

    Very interesting again Gene. I am lucky to live in the suburb amongst the lowest unemployment rate of Kenmore at 1.4%. But I wonder if the employment figures in the western suburbs are not distorted by under reporting. The government via centre link no longer offers any job search assistance so there is no reason to register as unemployed if you are job seeking. Most of these suburbs have families that are double income generally, so if a partner looses a job they wouldn’t qualify for unemployment benefit with one partner still employed. Like wise unemployed young adult children generally wouldn’t register as they wouldn’t qualify for any benefit. Centre link services are generally very poorly thought of in these areas – centrelink the centre for hopelessness and homelessness – and avoided at all costs. Most residences of the low unemployment rate suburbs would have the savings and capacity to tide themselves over through period of unemployment and not report as unemployed. Your thoughts ?

    • Gene Tunny says:

      Yes, I agree there may be some hidden unemployment in places like Kenmore but I think it’s pretty clear the situation in outer suburbs is much worse.

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