Wintergarden stage 2 opening at a good time

Retailers in the newly opened Stage 2 of the redeveloped Wintergarden shopping centre on Brisbane’s Queen St Mall will be pleased with today’s ABS retail trade figures which show solid retail trade growth in Queensland, despite sluggish conditions in other States (with the exception of fellow resources State WA). The OESR information brief contains some interesting charts, including this one:

The Brisbane Times has coverage of the Wintergarden stage 2 opening here:

Autumn opening for Wintergarden revamp

Gents looking for some interesting new kit should check out the new Pistols at Dawn store in the Wintergarden, which features the ready-to-wear collection from Brisbane’s best menswear store, the Cloakroom. I was fortunate enough to attend the Cloakroom’s fifth birthday celebrations last month, and I can be seen in the ninth photo on this Cloakroom blog post standing next to store owner Andrew Byrne (the really tall gent in the photo).

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