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Great initiative from Qld Treasury to explain forecasts in Economic Society seminar

As Secretary of the Queensland branch of the Economic Society of Australia, I’m very pleased that, on Wednesday 15 July, the day after the Treasurer delivers the State Budget, a senior Queensland Treasury official, Greg Uptin, will give a briefing … Continue reading

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Qld Treasury’s forecasting record has improved in last few years, but big test to come

In the Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review at the end of 2014, Queensland Treasury downgraded its economic growth forecast for Queensland in 2014-15 from 3% to 2.5%, to reflect the weaker economic outlook. After Queensland’s technical recession in the last … Continue reading

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Qld experiences technical recession as investment falls from elevated levels – no need to panic yet, though

Watching the ABC News tonight, I had to laugh when ABC State Political Reporter Chris O’Brien prefaced opinions given by Nick Behrens from CCIQ and me on whether Queensland is in recession with that classic journalistic device “Opinions differ…” Well … Continue reading

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Productivity push from Qld Govt needed after living standards growth stalls

Queensland Treasury econocrats should start investigating measures to improve our productivity performance, after ABS State Accounts data released on Friday confirmed a big slowdown in living standards growth over the last decade or so – measured, roughly I admit, by … Continue reading

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Sub-par growth to continue as mining investment falls and govts restrain spending

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s Head of Economic Analysis, Dr Jonathan Kearns, gave an informative presentation this morning on current economic conditions at an Economic Society of Australia (Qld branch) breakfast at the Brisbane Polo Club. The outlook for at … Continue reading

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Regional Qld made impressive contribution to national economic growth over 2000s

I’m very impressed by the just released Sustainable Australia Report 2013: Conversations with the Future, which was produced by the National Sustainability Council for Sustainability and Environment Minister Tony Burke. The report covers a wide range of environmental sustainability issues … Continue reading

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