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Building construction rebounded in September quarter, but still below previous highs

All the cranes on the Brisbane skyline, from the Valley and Newstead, to West End, Milton and Toowong, might suggest there is a building boom underway. Certainly activity is increasing in the building industry. Building construction work done in Queensland … Continue reading

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Qld economy propped up by residential building as business investment slumps

The Brisbane Times has a report this morning on the well-known slump in business investment in Queensland, due partly to the completion or near completion of the LNG projects at Gladstone and partly to relatively low business confidence (see Qld … Continue reading

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Apartment & townhouse approvals double in January – catch up or over-shoot in supply?

The massive surge in apartment and townhouse approvals in January reported by the ABS today (chart above) is welcome news for the Queensland building industry and people looking to buy or rent an apartment in inner city Brisbane, where much … Continue reading

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Residential building activity recovering nicely, but still below levels of mid-2000s

Builders across Queensland should have noticed higher levels of residential building activity lately, although they may still be disappointed activity remains below the levels of the mid-2000s (see chart based on ABS building activity data released yesterday below). The new … Continue reading

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Ipswich set for building boom

I wrote last year about how Ipswich will play an important role in the eventual recovery of the Queensland building industry. The outlook for the building industry in Ipswich now appears even better than it did then, with a huge … Continue reading

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Builders much more optimistic than current conditions would warrant

Broadly speaking, humans are biased towards being optimistic, and the Master Builders Survey of Industry Conditions for June 2014 is a good example of the optimism bias. Builders across Queensland, and especially in the South-East, are much more optimistic about … Continue reading

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Good employment outlook for Qld, but still waiting for strong economic recovery

Steve Austin had a good chat with Nick Behrens from CCIQ yesterday morning on 612 ABC Brisbane, covering the economic outlook for Queensland and the Queensland Plan (What the job market in Queensland will look like in the future). Nick … Continue reading

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Qld residential building recovery due to new apartments and townhouses

After the bad news about the recent slump in consumer confidence – which hopefully is just a short-term post-budget reaction – it’s good to see a recovery in residential building, which the Treasury and RBA are hoping will help drive … Continue reading

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NQ and Mackay region builders the least optimistic

I just noticed Master Builders Queensland released its latest survey of industry conditions last week. While it shows a positive outlook on average across all regions, the outlook is only just positive in the North Queensland and Mackay regions (see … Continue reading

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Good news for Qld building industry as new apartment approvals surge

Conditions will certainly improve in the Queensland building industry over 2014 as residential building approvals continue to recover (see first chart below based on the new ABS data), although we shouldn’t get too excited yet because the recovery appears to … Continue reading

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