Boom town on the Range

Anyone who has traveled through Toowoomba on the congested Warrego Highway in  recent times would agree that the city is booming, with signs of activity everywhere. The town is a major service centre for the Surat Basin, being the base for drilling contractors such as Savanna, for example.  Hence I wasn’t surprised to see this story in the Toowoomba Chronicle today (Surat basin drives property boom):

INVESTORS have their eyes glued on the gateway to the Surat Basin, driving record property sales in Toowoomba over the past week.

Realpoint Property owner Lynn McLean has sold four of the 12 half-built units in a McGregor St complex since last Thursday…

…Ms McLean last week led a delegation of interstate and overseas investors on a tour of the city’s real estate.

“I showed them millions of dollars worth of homes,” she said.

“These are serious investors who know what the market wants, and they’re all looking at Toowoomba.

“It’s the western side of town that they’re interested in, so miners can hop into the car and go straight to Chinchilla or Dalby without going through the city.

Mining of course isn’t the whole story, as the city is fortunate to have a broadly-based economy, with the University of Southern Queensland and major State Government regional administration centres, such as the Environment and Primary Industries Departments’ large campus on Tor Street.

Given the city is likely to continue to grow, and the traffic out to the Surat Basin will grow even faster, the Toowoomba bypass needs to be built promptly.

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