Which Qld regions are the most productive per capita?

Based on Queensland Treasury figures published earlier this year (Experimental Estimates of Gross Regional Product), the North West and Mackay regions of Queensland have the highest levels of gross regional product (GRP) per capita, largely due to mining in each region (see map below). Mining is very capital-intensive and the sector produces a much higher level of output per worker than other industries. (Also, the use of FIFO workers from outside each region would mean GRP per capita would be higher than otherwise, because the FIFO workers wouldn’t count in the resident population that is the denominator in the GRP per capita calculation.)

GRP per capita_Qld


Within South East Queensland (SEQ), Brisbane has the highest level of GRP per capita and West Moreton the lowest (see map below). Obviously, Brisbane is the hub of economic activity in SEQ, with many head offices and large employers attracting workers from across SEQ, so this is unexpected.



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