612 ABC Focus discussion on negative gearing – also featuring shadow treasurer Chris Bowen & Master Builders’ Paul Bidwell

Well done to Emma Griffiths for tackling the challenging topic of negative gearing on her 612 ABC Brisbane Focus program yesterday morning. I participated in an interesting discussion which also featured the deputy head of Master Builders Queensland Paul Bidwell and federal shadow treasurer Chris Bowen, who gave a pre-recorded interview:

Focus: Will your kids ever be able to buy their own home?

Earlier this year I wrote in the CIS’s journal Policy about why I think the federal opposition’s proposed changes to negative gearing and the taxation of capital gains are illogical and ill-considered.

Untangling the debate over negative gearing

The proposed changes should be reconsidered following the opposition’s almost inevitable election win next year.

My CIS Policy article was partly based on a report I prepared (with assistance from Patrick Windle) for Walshs Financial Planning in 2016 on the opposition’s proposed policy changes. Here’s a write up of it by Simon Benson in the Daily Telegraph at the time:

Election 2016: Family investors to lose $20k under Labor property plan

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