Economists and the media

This Thursday lunchtime, I’ll be chairing an ESA (Qld) seminar on economists and the media, featuring former ABC finance reporter Rebecca Archer, Director of Connect Media Training, and Griffith Economics Professor Fabrizio Carmignani, a frequent media commentator and contributor to The Conversation.* The media provides economists with opportunities to express their views and to be influential in the public debate, but it can also be daunting to many. I know many colleagues have been concerned their comments would be taken out of context by journalists seeking headlines. So I believe this seminar will be of value to many economists and finance professionals, as it is designed to answer the major questions economists have in dealing with the media.


Rebecca Archer, Director of Connect Media Training

Drawing on her extensive experience at the ABC and BBC, Rebecca will respond to the following questions, among others from myself and the audience:

1) Why does economics matter to journalists?

2) What can the finance industry and economists offer in terms of stories?

3) What’s in it for you to speak to a journalist?

Fabrizio will provide a different perspective, that of an economist who has been successful in engaging in the economic policy debate, particularly on state and federal budget policy issues. I have asked Fabrizio to comment on how economists can successfully engage with the media, particularly the importance of actually having something worthwhile to say, which can only come from doing the hard work and understanding an issue in depth.

This seminar should be of interest to a wide range of economics and finance professionals who are (or one day will be) either called on to speak to the media themselves or need to understand how the media works, so they can better forecast the public reception of policy initiatives or company reporting, for example. What is it exactly that gives an issue what journalists call news value?

So, if you’re in Brisbane this Thursday 6 September, please consider attending this seminar from 12.15pm at Morgans Financial Ltd, Level 29, Riverside Centre on Eagle St in Brisbane CBD:

Economists and the media

*I am a current Vice President of the Economic Society of Australia (Qld).

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